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Kits DLS Alter Ego Esport And Logo New

Kits DLS Alter Ego Esport And Logo New - The name Delwyn Sukamto is certainly not foreign to your ears. Often called Ko Delwyn, he is the CEO of Alter Ego who is quite active with AE fans. Not infrequently he streams and chats with fans and other figures.

Delwyn apparently is not a “new person” in the pro esports scene or industry. He also seems to be the owner of the Supreme League, an EO esports and also has an RP server on FiveM which is quite crowded.

So you can say that he is not just the CEO of a team or just a person. Close enough to his fans maybe this is what makes many Alter Ego fans who find it difficult to move differently. In fact, many are loyal from the beginning of the season. 

Delwyn Sukamto's track record is also surprising. A graduate of the University of San Francisco with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, it seems that he also handles many companies. 

Yes, we know that he is the CEO of Alter Ego, the esports team and also the Supreme League, the EO for all esports events. But apparently he was previously a director of PT Interbat who was involved in the pharmaceutical industry.

Until now, Delwyn Sukamto is still very active in the world of esports. It's not uncommon to stream and chat with chat on streams. He also often accompanies the Alter Ego team when playing.





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