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Kits DLS EVOS Esport And Logo New

EVOS Esports currently also has a Mobile Legends team: Bang Bang , which is located in two countries, Indonesia and Singapore . Starting from the MPL Indonesia Season 1 championship, EVOS Esports got unsatisfactory results, because they had to settle for being in second place after losing 3- 2 of their rivals NXL, and EVOS Esports showing their fangs in MPL Indonesia Season 4, which this time defeated their rival for the first time in the grand final with a score of 3-1, which made EVOS Esports win the MPL Indonesia championship for the first time, and get tickets to compete in the M1 World Championship in Malaysiain 2019, after the victory during Season 4, EVOS Esports which changed its name to EVOS Legends in M1 was considered very good, by qualifying for the Upper Bracket, and advancing to the grand final, and this time had to face its rival again Rex Regum Qeon with Best Of 7 format. 

The first game until the game when EVOS Legends lost dominance by Rex Regum Qeon, which if lost one more game, made EVOS Legends have to settle for runner up position, but surprisingly, EVOS Legends managed to dominate until the 7th game, a the most horrendous comeback, enter the 7th game EVOS Legends Dominate the 7th game by mastering the Early Game, which makes Rex Regum Qeonhad to lose the Outer Turret Until the Inner Turret was under 10 minutes, until finally EVOS Legends did a Straight Push to Rex Regum Qeon's base, 

as a result Rex Regum Qeon couldn't hold his base, which in the end EVOS Legends won the M1 World Championship, which was the biggest achievement for EVOS Esports, especially the Mobile legends division. And in the next season, EVOS Legends was left by its legend, Eko "Oura" Julianto, because he retired from the competitive scene.

In 2021, EVOS Esports won the MPL ID season 7 and became the most popular team among other teams with an audience of 590,927.



Kits DLS EVOS Esport And Logo New


Kits DLS EVOS Esport And Logo New


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