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Kits DLS Geek Fam Esport and Logo New

Kits  DLS Geek Fam Esport and Logo New -Geek Fam ID One of the teams Indonesian esports that managed to qualify for the event PMPL SEA Championship, Geek Fam ID has now been acquired by Livescape.

Livescape Group is one of the leading lifestyle and marketing companies in Southeast Asia.

This acquisition was due to regulations in the PMPL SEA Championship which stipulates that it does not allow 1 organization to have 2 teams in one tournament.

This is solely to avoid cheating that will occur during the tournament.

Officially, Geek Fam ID will use the name Livescape in the PMPL SEA Championship 2021 tournament later.

As is well known , the Malaysian esports team, Geek Fam represented two of its teams in the PMPL SEA Championship, namely Geek Fam MY and Geek Fam ID .

Geek Fam MY is the runner up of PMPL MYSG ​​Finals and Geek Fam ID is the winner of PMPL ID Finals.

Even though the name has changed, the Geek Fam ID roster will still be maintained for the PMPL SEA Championship.




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