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Kits DLS Onic Esport And Logo New

Kits  DLS Onic Esport And Logo New - ONIC Esports is the team that has won the MPL ID Season 8 tournament match yesterday. Although this yellow hedgehog team had dropped to the lower bracket, he managed to prove his skills against RRQ Hoshi in the grand final round, and won the match with a final score of 4-3.

Want to know the full profile of the ONIC Esports Mobile Legends team? Let's go straight to the discussion below.

ONIC Esports History 

ONIC Esports is a team that was founded on July 26 2018 , and has started participating in the Mobile Legends professional competition since MPL Indonesia Season 2. According to the MPL Indonesia website, ONIC Esports stands to be the best esports organization that represents Southeast Asia.

The initial ONIC Esports roster in Mobile Legends was Eiduart, Spade, Watt, Drian, and Fenrir, and managed to take third place in the second season.

In the third season, ONIC Esports managed to make a new history for being the strongest team that has never lost throughout the tournament. The ONIC Esports roster for the third season, which consisted of Udil, Drian, Psychoo, Sasa, and Antimage, was dubbed the "Five Kage".

Since MPL ID Season 5 to 7, ONIC Esports began to experience ups and downs in performance, and again showed its greatness in Season 8.

Containing Butsss, Drian, SanZ , CW, Kiboy, and Maipan, ONIC Esports managed to win the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL Indonesia) match for the second time.

Nicknamed The King of Heaven 

Somehow the origin of the title 'King of the Sky' came about, but many people said that the nickname existed because people had made a joke that "There is still ONIC above the sky." Because of this, ONIC Esports has been dubbed the King of the Sky to this day.

Successfully Defeated RRQ Hoshi in the Final Round of MPL ID Season 8 

ONIC Esports managed to win MPL ID Season 8 after winning quite fiercely against RRQ Hoshi. In addition to winning the title, ONIC Esports also got a slot to fight in M3 Mobile Legends .

ONIC Esports actually didn't win easily. The reason is, RRQ Hoshi managed to catch up with the score even though it was 2-0 down first.




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