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Kits DLS Team RRQ Esport and Logo New

Kits DLS Team RRQ Esport and Logo New - Rex Regum Qeon (abbreviated RRQ or Team RRQ  ) is one of the largest esports teams in Indonesia that houses 6 game divisions, namely Mobile Legends , PUBG Mobile , Free Fire , Valorant , FIFA , and Fortnite . Founded in 2013, Rex Regum Qeon has won more than 200 national and international esports tournaments.

The name Rex Regum comes from Latin which means 'king of kings' or ' king of kings ', while Qeon is the in-game name of Team RRQ President Director, Riki K. Suliawan.

Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) performance 

Currently, Rex Regum Qeon has 8 teams from 6 divisions with more than 40 athletes who are members not only in Indonesia, but also in Thailand. One of the losing teams to the PUBG Mobile division , RRQ Oracle, is based in Thailand. Meanwhile, 8 other teams are based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

In 2017, Rex Regum Qeon collaborated with Paris Saint-Germain  in forming a Mobile Legends team called PSG RRQ which participated in MPL Indonesia Season 2. In the world of Mobile Legends esports, Rex Regum Qeon has won 3 tournaments, namely MPL Indonesia Season 2 (2018),  MPL Indonesia Season 5 (2020), and MPL Indonesia Season 6 (2020)

Rex Regum Qeon has been led by Andrian Pauline in the CEO chair since 2017, when Team RRQ merged with MidPlaza Holding. Until now, Rex Regum Qeon has become a 4-time world champion which can be seen on the official Team RRQ jersey or uniform. Like a soccer team, the star on the Team RRQ jersey  represents the number of Team RRQ becoming world champions.

First, from the Point Blank division, RRQ Endeavor contributed one star after winning the 2017 Point Blank International Championship (PBIC).     Second, RRQ Athena, a PUBG Mobile team from Thailand , contributed one star in 2018 from the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge tournament.   All three, from RRQ Epic in the Point Blank division , won the Russia 2019 Point Blank Word Championship.   Fourth, RRQ Athena together with RRQ Kenboo   also won the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2019. 

In 2020, Rex Regum Qeon won various awards for Indonesian esports industry players . Rex Regum Qeon became the Favorite Esports Pro Team at the 2020 Indonesian Esports Awards.   Rex Regum Qeon was also selected as The Most Favorite Esports Team of the Year at the 2020 Indonesia Gaming Awards and as Esports Team of the Year at Supergamer Fest 2020. 

RRQ Kingdom 

Rex Regum Qeon also formed RRQ Kingdom as a forum for Team RRQ supporters to get to know each other and convey support. One of the initiatives that RRQ Kingdom is aggressively delivering is the #StopMenghinaMariBerkarya movement  which is the soul of RRQ Kingdom to always give positive support to Team RRQ without insulting other teams.

This initiative was carried out considering that Mobile Legends esports fans are still full of toxic fans who often convey insults to other teams. Therefore, RRQ Kingdom created this movement as an example for fans of other teams and also for the esports ecosystem in Indonesia so that they can mature in responding to various matches and tournaments with sportsmanship.

 RRQ Logo

Kits DLS Team RRQ Esport and Logo New

RRQ Kits

Kits DLS Team RRQ Esport and Logo New


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