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Kits DLS 4AM Esport And Logo New

Kits DLS 4AM Esport And Logo New - 4AM Esport aka 4 Angry Men is a team from China who stole the attention of many people thanks to their performance in the final of PUBG Mobile World Championship (PMGC) Season Zero 2020 with several WWCDs.

4AM managed to top the PBGC final standings before continuing on Tuesday (26/1) night. The temporary points that 4AM managed to get were 227 points.

Meanwhile, teams from Indonesia, Bigetron RA and Aerowolf LIMAX, were in position 7 and 13. 4AM looked stunning and even became MVP for three weeks in a row. 

4AM Esports Team Facts

Together with Nova XQF, 4AM became China's representative in the world-class PMGC Season Zero 2020 tournament. Here are five facts about them.

1. 4AM PUBG Mobile champion Peacekeeper Elite League Season 3

4AM was the champion of the Peacekeeper Elite League (PEL) China, Season 3 on October 25, 2020. This victory made them manage to take home $444,000 or around Rp. 652 million.

2. Have a professional team for other games

Not only in PUBG Mobile , 4AM is also famous for its professional team in another game, namely Dota 2 but it is no longer active. 

Recently it went viral on TikTok social media about PUBG qi, of course PUBG Mobile players might know this, what is PUBG ga qi?

3. List of 4AM PUBG Mobile members 

4AM has prepared five of its members to compete in PMGC Season Zero 2020. Here are the names of their athletes.

4AM Suk

4AM Hasaki

4AM Xinhe

4AM 33Svan

4AM QingChen

4. Was Involved in a Player Transfer Drama with Vici Gaming

4AM was involved in drama with another Chinese esports organization, Vici Gaming. 4AM is said to have not paid the transfer fee of one of their Dota 2 players, Zhang Chengjun aka Eurus.

But in the end, they paid the fee. The unpaid Eurus transfer fee resulted in 4AM being unable to use Eurus in their initial match in China Dota2 Pro Cup Season 2. 

5. 4AM Tops PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season Zero 

The world-class performance shown by 4AM at PMGC Season Zero made them succeed at the top of the standings. Will they win the PMGC Season Zero tournament this time?

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