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Kits DLS Aura Esport And Logo New


Kits DLS Aura Esport And Logo New - Aura Esports is one of the largest esports organizations in Indonesia, and has phenomenal facts. 

Almost all netizens who are esports fans in Indonesia know this team, both because of their achievements and because of the excitement this team has caused. 

Intrigued by the team with the dragon logo that spouts fire? Here are some interesting facts from the Aura Esports organization!

History of Aura Esports

Aura Esports is an esports team founded in July 2018 by an entrepreneur named Christopher Djaja, who now also serves as CEO of Aura Esports . 

This team is supported by Wicaksana Group , one of the largest companies engaged in distribution and logistics. This professional esports organization has a mission to inspire everyone to never give up on what they believe in.

The first division formed by this team is Free Fire . It was only in the following year that the PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends divisions were formed to participate in the Indonesian tier 1 tournament.

Having the Oldest Free Fire Team in Indonesi

Aura Fire once had the oldest Free Fire team that became a role model for other players . The team is Aura NESC which consists of FrontaL, RandMKS, WawanMKS, and ImbaJR . 

Being the team that has competed the longest in the Free Fire competitive tournament , Aura NESC has many fans from various circles because of its great performance and various achievements. 

The proudest achievements are the 1st Place of Golden Ticket Season 1 and 1st Place of IPWC 2019 . Unfortunately, Aura NESC has not been actively playing in the Free Fire major tournament since 2020. 

Now, the Aura organization has officially dissolved Aura NESC, and its position in the Free Fire tournament has been replaced by the Aura Ignite team .  

Always Be Tough Rivals in Various Divisions

Even though they have not yet won a prestigious title, all divisions of Aura Esports are known as one of the toughest rivals in various competitive tournaments in Indonesia. 

For example, Aura Esports PUBG Mobile . The team consisting of Jayden , NoMercy , and Jeixy is always at the top of the highest tournament PUBG Mobile Indonesia, PMPL ID.

The same thing happened in other divisions such as Free Fire and Mobile Legends . Aura Esports also gave birth to many talented players who were grabbed by other teams.  

Aura Fire, The Most Phenomenal  Mobile Legends Team

Netizens definitely know how phenomenal Aura Fire is in the Mobile Legends pro scene . Yes, this team had experienced ups and downs in performance which was enough to make many people sympathize with this team. 

We will never forget how bad Aura Fire was in MPL ID S7, where this team has never won a single match , thus earning the nickname "clown" by Mobile Legends streamers . 

Coming to MPL ID S8 with the same squad, Aura Fire managed to silence many parties by presenting various strange METAs and being able to qualify for the playoffs even though they had to go home on the first day. 

Right now, Aura Fire was at the peak of awakening. Almost all of the META used by this team in various tournaments has become an inspiration for other teams and the public in ranked Mobile Legends.

Aura Fire's performance which seems to have nothing to lose is what makes many netizens sympathize and turn to support High et al. 

Give Birth to Many Lords 

Aura Esports is one of the teams that produces a player nicknamed Lord . Starting from the famous Wawan MKS with the slogan "Do you ready to lose?" which he echoed in international tournaments. 

In addition, the Mobile Legends division of Aura Fire is also referred to as the 'Warehouse of the Lords' which consists of Lord High , Lord Godiva , and Lord Tezet thanks to their poor performance in MPL ID S7. 

Even though the connotation of God here is negative, Aura Esports players have succeeded in proving that they are not clowns and are starting to compete in tier 1 tournaments in Indonesia. 





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