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Kits DLS Blacklist Internasional And Logo New

Kits DLS Blacklist Internasional And Logo New - Blacklist International is a Southeast Asian esports organization under Tier One Entertainment. They manage competitive esports divisions in PUBG, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Garena Free Fire and Call of Duty: Mobile .

Despite the loss in MSC 2021, Blacklist International would continue to make history for winning back-to-back titles for both Season 7 and Season 8 of MPL Philippines, and would redeem the loss to represent the Philippines in the M3 World Championships in Singapore. The Philippines is known as one of the most-dominant nations when it comes to Mobile Legends in numerous tournaments alongside Indonesia. Together with ONIC Philippines, both teams will be representing the Philippines in the Championships to make history again, to claim the championship title and the first nation to obtain back-to-back world championship titles, as M2 was won by the Philippines' own Bren Esports.

On the first day of M3 championship they defeated the Brazilian team, Red Canids with the famous "Mathilda Airlines" of OhmyV33nus. In the second game against the Turkish team BEDEL they still manage to win despite of hard times on early game and last the Latin American team Malvinas Gaming which gives them a clear sweep of 3–0 in the Group A bracket and secured the slot for upper bracket.  Blacklist is scheduled to face BTK of the North American Qualifiers on their first match of the Upper-Bracket Playoffs.  

Blacklist International would ended up losing the Best of 5 Matchup in the Upper-Bracket match (2-3), sending Blacklist to the Lower-Bracket Matchup.  ONIC Indonesia would end up winning a 2-0 matchup against MPL Malaysia Champions Team SMG and would face off against Blacklist for the Quarterfinals. With a win in Game 1, Blacklist was determined to finish the series in 2 games, but would end up to a Game 3 after ONIC Indonesia ends up obtaining more defense against the Marksmen heroes of OHEB and Wise. However, Game 3 would be a victory for Blacklist International, securing them a spot and avenging their lost in MPLI, wherein ONIC Indonesia would defeat Blacklist in 4 games. 

On the next day of the Playoffs, Blacklist International would face off VIVO Keyd of Brazil and MPL Brazil Runner-Up. VIVO Keyd defeated Bedel from Turkey and advanced to face-off Blacklist International. Blacklist would win Game 1 with a defensive stance against VIVO Keyd's picks in damage, while Game 2, Blacklist would introduce their dominant figure, finishing the game 11–0 with MVP Danerie James "Wise." Del Rosario's Championship Bane, going 7/0/2. Blacklist would eventually sweep VIVO Keyd 3–0 in the Match. With ONIC Philippines's 3–0 sweep on RRQ Hoshi,  Blacklist International would face off against RRQ Hoshi on 17 December 2021. Blacklist International successfully defeated the "King of the kings" of Indonesia RRQ HOSHI, in the first game Hadji's pharsa defended the base prevents RRQ on comeback. 

In the second game Blacklist International clean sweeps the indonesian team on the 11–11 score and finally in the game 3, Oheb's clint leads Blacklist to the 3-0 clean sweep against the opponent team. Blacklist International would be two matches away from the Grand finals, matching up against EVOS Singapore after they defeated TODAK Malaysia in a 3–2 game.  Blacklist International would bag another 3-0 clean sweep against EVOS Singapore with a great performance by OhMyV33nus with the Estes on Game 2 alongside a great matchup from a failed diversion play by EVOS SG on Game 3. Blacklist will face-off a rematch against BTK to which OhMyV33nus stated that they are willing to matchup against BTK again in the Lower-Bracket.Blacklist International would win the series in a 3-1 result after holding a 2–0 lead, however, on Game 3, BTK would take over the game with the massive damage that they have given against Blacklist. However, with a late game push and offense, Blacklist International would push their way to the Grand Finals. Blacklist would face-off another rematch with ONIC Philippines in the Grand Finals, keeping the M-World Series Title to the Philippines, the first back-to-back nation to win two titles consecutively.

Blacklist would be crowned as M3's World Champions after sweeping ONIC Philippines in the Grand Finals, 4–0 with Kiel Calvin "OHEB" Soriano being named as Finals MVP.

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