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Kits DLS RANS Cilegon FC and Logo New Update

 DLS RANS Cilegon FC Kits and the Newest Logo 2022 - Rans Cilegon FC in recent weeks have become a public discussion for Indonesian football. The reason is that the club, which will be playing in Liga 2 2021, was bought by the famous celebrity Raffi Ahmad.

Profile of Rans Cilegon FC

Rans Cilegon FC is a football club that is the pride of the people of Banten which is currently competing in the West Zone 2 League. The team, which has the nickname The Volcano, was originally based at the Krakatau Steel Stadium. Founded in 2012 under the name Cilegon United before changing its name to Rans Cilegon FC (Raffi Ahmad Nagita Slavina CIlegon Football Club).

On March 31, 2021, the club previously named Cilegon United announced the acquisition by Rans Entertainment owned by Raffi Ahmad and Rudy Salim as owners of Prestige Motorcars, which is a supercar dealer from North Jakarta. Reportedly the funds disbursed to acquire the football club from Banten reached Rp300 billion.


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