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Brothers Union FC Kits DLS FTS and Logo New

Brothers Union FC Kits DLS FTS and Logo New 2022 - Brothers Union is a football club based in Gopibag, Dhaka. The club was founded in 1949 and the regal business tycoon Kazi Ghiyasuddin Ahmed, better known as K. G. Ahmed served as the founder chairman of the club. At the beginning it was a well-known cultural organization. In 1973, the club started their football activities. They played 3rd Division Football League in 1973 and in 1974 and were promoted to 2nd Division in 1975. Brothers also won the title in the same year and as a result this club was promoted to 1st Division. Brothers won their first major title in the year 2004. Now they are playing in the top professional football league of Bangladesh which is called Bangladesh Premier League.

 Brothers Union FC


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