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Gimcheon Sangmu FC Kit DLS FTS and Logo New

Gimcheon Sangmu FC Kit DLS FTS and Logo 2022 Dream League Soccer = Gimcheon Sangmu FC  is a professional football club that competes in the K League 1. The club is based in Gimcheon, South Korea. Sangmu (상무, 尙武) means martialism and is the sports division of the Republic of Korea Armed Forces.

Sangmu's playing staff is made up of young South Korean professional footballers serving their compulsory two-year military duty. Fifteen players join up at the start of every season and spend two years with the side before returning to their previous professional club. Sangmu are not allowed to sign any foreign players because of their military status.

This article also includes the predecessor military-based teams – Sangmu FC, Gwangju Sangmu FC and Sangju Sangmu FC – which are still separate legal entities.





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